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NRA First Steps Firearm Safety Training Programs

Welcome to our information page on our NRA First Steps Firearm Safety Classes. Classes are taught in the Joplin Missouri area.

The First Steps Pistol class is a taught in the small class one on one method of teaching. Class size is limited to a maximum of 5 persons. Pre-registration is a requirement of the class. Successful completion of this class will allow the student to take our concealed carry class at a small discount.


The cost of the class is $50.00 per person and includes all classroom materials (except ammunition and firearm)

How to register:

During the evening call (417)624-5424 or (417)627-0181

Instructor Information:

All instructors are NRA Certified Instructors in the Pistol discipline.

Classroom Location:

3/4 mile north of Stone's Corner (intersection of Hwy 43 & 171) on Surgi Ave. (West side of Hwy 43)

Course Requirements

  1. Applicant must bring a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition which fits their firearm to the range for use in the live fire portions of training. The firearm used can be any safe pistol or revolver.
  2. Pay appropriate fee.
  3. Be on time for the classroom portion and for your scheduled range time
  4. Sign the waiver and release form provided at the class.
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To register for a class or seek more information call (417)624-5424 or (417)627-0181
Students are required to bring the following items

Classroom Portion:

  1. Firearms
  2. Pencil and paper
  3. Eye Protection

Range Portion:

  1. 22 Caliber firearm
  2. Eye Protection
  3. Hearing Protection
  4. Pencil and Paper
  5. Ammunition - They will need to bring a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition for their revolver or pistol.
  6. Pistols and Revolvers MUST be brought to the firing line in a case or container and unloaded. There will be NO loaded firearms unless on the firing line and the range officer has given the command to load.

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